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The Kelley Jones Massacre!

Since we have the website up and running, I had to share something about the sheer onslaught that happened at the Kelley Jones signing at the first ever Shortboxed convention in Santa Clara, CA. The Batman legend signed everything fans threw at him! It was glorious! a whopping 73 comics signed!

The mission was to get all of Kelley’s Batman and detective Comics issues signed. I couldn’t manage to get my hands on of the books before the show, I’m shy about 15 books. When Kelley saw my huge stack of books, did he think I was a reseller aka a “Chip Mcflipki”? Impossible. Instead, Kelley was appreciative that I supported his career over the years. These are the comic creators I will forever support: creators that acknowledge that readers are the backbone of the comic book industry.

My goal is to have the most single issues of Batman signed in the world. This outing with Kelley Jones helped me get 73 steps closer to that goal. At some point soon I will have an official count of signed Batman issues. I know I’m no where near my goal.

Kelley’s generosity was off the charts! He sketched dozens of free doodles, even some higher end commissions were copped. I was happy to get my Batman scribble. It’s not often at show in California that legendary creators are this generous with their time and talents. Jim Lee used to do sketches like this for free, now their considered remarques valued upwards of $400. Many big time artist decline to sketch anything at all at shows, let alone for free. Kudos to Kelley.


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